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Golden Stallion


Training Tool That
Saves You Time

Training Tool That Saves You Time for 


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We are on a mission

We were not satisfied with the poor quality and performance of commercial
skipping ropes. Mostly, they are mainly made from cheap plastic.

That is why we reinvented the good old leather jump rope to create
the world’s most effective full body training tool.

Full body workout
that saves you time

To increase the training efficiency and involve maximum muscle groups, we added removable weights in both handles. Now, you can experience the world’s most time effective full body training to get lean, strong and fit at the same time.


Make an impression

Our leather jump ropes are designer pieces, handmade from high-quality wood, real leather and stainless steel. Their craftsmanship guarantees exceptional quality and a luxurious look.

Personalized training experience

The optimal length of the skipping rope cord is important for the correct training performance. The Golden Stallion skipping rope allows you to adjust the leather cord to the required length of every individual.


A true lifetime buddy

Thanks to the premium treatment of luxury materials, the Golden Stallion jump rope warrants a maximum service life backed by our lifetime guarantee. When other jump ropes give up, Golden Stallion holds on.

Benefits of rope skipping

Burns more calories more quickly
Burning up to 1,300 calories per hour, jumping rope can burn more calories than most other sporting activities, including jogging.
Strengthens your cardiovascular health
Jumping rope is beneficial for your heart health because it raises your heart rate to be two to three times faster than other exercises.
Improves your breathing efficiency
Your lung health and breathing efficiency improve while jumping a rope, which helps you achieve better results in other sports and physical activities.
Detoxifies your lymphatic system
While jumping a rope, your blood and lymph circulations improve, which can boost your immune system and metabolism.
Builds bone density
Regular jump rope exercise improves your bone density and overall bone health, making your bones more resistant to injuries.
Improves your agility and coordination
Your overall coordination and agility improve greatly, making jump rope exercise a great addition to other sports and training programs.
Supports your brain health
Jumping a rope even improves your brain health by stimulating both brain hemispheres and demanding neural-muscular adaptation. Not only your body, but also your brain becomes smarter!

and the list goes on...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I jump double unders with the Golden Stallion jump rope?
Yes. Leather jump ropes develop very good momentum and sufficient speed to perform double unders. Thanks to the integrated weights, you can train your shoulder and arm muscles very effectively in this supreme discipline.
I am 6.4′ tall. Is the Golden Stallion jump rope long enough for me?
Yes. Our skipping rope has a standard length of 10 feet (305 cm). The jump rope is therefore long enough for people up to approximately 6.9'.
How much should I shorten the skipping rope?
The optimal jump rope length is very individual. Beginners generally need longer jump ropes than advanced users.

Basically, you can use the following rule of thumb: Step with one foot in the middle of the jump rope and pull up the two rope ends. For optimal length, the two wooden handles should not reach over your armpit.

But please note - cut off a small amount and try the jump rope. If the jump rope is too long, you can always shorten it, but the opposite is not possible.
Who is the leather jump rope suitable for?
The leather jump rope Golden Stallion is particularly suitable for adult users due to the size of the handles.

The jump rope is ideal for warming up before training, for increasing endurance, flexibility, speed, and coordination as well as for strengthening the leg and arm muscles.

Rope jumping for 10 minutes burns about the same amount of calories as jogging for 30 minutes.

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